My dissertation in the context of my Art therapy studies at the Louis de Berquin school, affiliated with the Université Européenne du Travail (U.E.T.).

>>>> L’Art-thérapie à la rencontre du silence <<<<

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One definition of silence is

« Action, fait de se taire :  Garder le silence. Silence ! taisez-vous !
« The action, the fact of remaining silent :  Preserve silence. Silence ! Shut up !

<> Passer sous silence : ne pas parler de, omettre volontairement »                                <> Passer sous silence = conceal : not talking about, intentionally omitting, keeping something form a person»

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Silence is at the origin of changes in behaviour and in relationships between people. Its persistence can play an important role in the development of several pathologies: mood disorders, personality disorders, psychoses, drug abuse, …

The common element between the children in the Saint-Elisabeth Home, ages 2-6, living apart from their families because of a court decision, and the adults in the psychiatric ward of the Emile Mayrisch hospital was their silence about their traumatizing experiences.

A personal art therapy project, based on their own tastes and interests and appealing to their own creative potential has permitted them to break the silence. The verbal expression and especially the non-verbal expression have permitted them to rediscover themselves, to regain self-confidence, to regain a more positive body-image, to be able to open up to the world and to achieve a better quality of life.