Art therapy addresses a large number of persons of all ages, children, adolescents and adults, dealing with physical, psychic and social deficiencies.

There is no need for prior artistic formation.

Art is the engine of the therapy.

The therapeutic relationship is created around the artistic process in which young and old adventure and which offers them the possibility to become the actor and the creator of their well-being through their artistic work

The art therapist accompanies persons on their way and is involved as an «artist» and as a «therapist». During the therapy, he adapts the artistic media and tools according to the requests, needs and difficulties of the persons –  taking care of the balance between

The beautiful – the aesthetics , the good – the technique & the joy – the pleasure

Art-therapy allows a person

to find himself

« expression of (artistic) tastes and interests»

to remember

« sensory memory »

to express feelings of pain, often killed and buried for a long time yet

« artistic expression of silence »

to structure this expression in a

« personal project»

through an aesthetic search

« the artistic work »

which allows him again to

« communicate with the world arround him »

« transmit »

and to develop into

« better-being »